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PT. Garuda Mas Perkasa has been established since 1973 with the most famous product named "SWALLOW".

Who we are

Established in 1973, PT. Garuda Mas Perkasa has grown into a widely known private firm which dedicated its mission and vision to provide footwear to all Indonesian citizen. Our most well-known product is called “SWALLOW”.



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Logo & Name Philosophy​​

Story behind the name of Swallow : Swallow is one of the type of birds that chooses a mate for life and will only nest with that bird and no other. Therefore a Swallow Logo symbolize everlasting love and loyalty to family. Swallow pairs travel long distances, only to find their way back to each other at home. That’s why our sandals are inseparable: BOTH the Left side as well as the Right side.

Company History


Agut Djaja together with his 3 sons Akila Anggono, Eliah Anggono & Alexander Effendy founded UD. Garuda Mas Perkasa in 1973 in Tanjung Mulia Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. At that time, it produced sandals under the ‘Swan’ and ‘Maruzen’ brands.


In 1976 began to produce sandals under the brand ‘Swallow’.

Alexander Effendy & Eliah Anggono expanded to Jakarta to establish a new factory.

UD. Garuda Mas Perkasa changed the company’s legal entity to PT. Garuda Mas Perkasa.


The company was officially inaugurated by Hartarto as Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia and Sudomo as Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia.


Akila Anggono expanded his personal business to Jakarta and Surabaya, so Alexander Effendy returned to Medan to manage PT. Garuda Mas Perkasa as the President Director until now.

PT. Garuda Mas Perkasa Now

We have representative offices in Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya. We currently supply our sandals not only to big cities throughout Sumatera Island and Java Island but also to many unreachable cities in Borneo Island (Pulau Kalimantan), Celebes Island (Pulau Sulawesi), Halmahera Island, Maluku Island, Bali & Lombok Island, as well as Papua Island.

PT. Garuda Mas Perkasa will continue to develop and innovate to always be the best sandal manufacturer in Indonesia.

Why Choose Us

Today, Swallow sandals are known by all Indonesians as Indonesian sandals and are worn by all levels of society. Therefore, swallow sandals are also known as sandals for all people.


Feel relax anytime & anywhere. Comfortable, Fashionable and Elegant: All mixed into one.


Manufactured with high quality materials and technology. Our sandals are made from local products of International standard Natural Rubber which is biodegradable.

Zero Waste

Contribute to preserving the environment by implementing a recycle & zero waste system.


Distributed evenly across Indonesia and used by various type of people across the nation.

Our Comitment

Productivity and work efficiency.
Sandal products that are comfortable, quality, and environmentally friendly.
Establish good and professional cooperative relationships with customers, suppliers, and other partners.
Welfare of employees.
Provide social contribution to society.

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